Développement durable et enseignement supérieur, un mariage qui a de l’avenir

Si le bagage académique demeure important, les universités ont compris que les employeurs apprécient également les candidats avec des compétences en développement durable.  Certaines universités, comme Arizona State University, l’ont compris.

To an extent that increases daily, companies regularly task employees – who may not have the word “sustainability” in their titles – to tackle complex issues that confront business leaders under the sustainability umbrella. Operations, environmental health, marketing and supply chain executives may find themselves assigned sustainability as a new objective. Leaders of innovation, product development, and new markets are increasingly required to develop and implement sustainability plans, as well, says Michael M. Crow, president of Arizona State University.

Tout comme l’Université de Sherbrooke.


SourceEducators Say Higher Ed in Sustainability a Must; Business Execs Mostly Agree, Environmental Leader, 12 septembre, 2014.

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